The Voice of One Calling


The Voice of One Calling is the joining of Hebrew and Arabic voices in unified worship and adoration, to prepare the way for the coming King.

The Voice of One Calling

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'The Voice of One Calling' is a pioneering project that does a great job of capturing the heart and sound of a generation of Jews and Arabs determined to embrace one another. I can only hope for more endeavors like this one. - Jamie Hilsden

...I played the CD all the way back to Nazareth that night - I didn't hear local young music as good as refreshing and authentic as this since a long time. - Luna Matar 


This collection of songs, compiled by Tal Bethany Rosenfeld, was inspired by the worship experience that happens every year in Israel at the ELAV conference. ELAV is a young adult worship conference hosted by the Succat Hallel 24/7 house of prayer in Jerusalem, Israel.

It was recorded mostly in the Ben Hinnom Valley of Jerusalem, Israel. This place, known for pagan atrocities in Bible times, has today become a place of life and worship.

Several years in the making, it is a labor of love that involves songwriters, worship leaders, musicians, and singers from all over Israel and the Middle East, and other countries as well.

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Rick Ridings

Tal Bethany Rosenfeld
Shiloh Ben-Hod

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