Hi, Welcome to Dor Haba! We’re a ministry that comes out of  Succat hallel, a 24/7 House of Prayer in Jerusalem, Israel. Our goal is to encourage young people in Israel, the West Bank and the Middle East to use their gifts and talents for God. By God’s grace, every summer we organise a Worship and Prayer training camp in Israel for Jewish and Arab youth called the Dor Haba Camp. We also produce worship music in Hebrew and Arabic, specifically songs written by the younger generation in Israel,  in collaboration with songwriters and worship leaders from surrounding Middle Eastern countries. All this is out of a desire to see young worshippers, intercessors and musicians use the gifts God has given them and partner together at a young age to see the advancement of His Kingdom in their region.

Our team is comprised mostly of Israelis on staff at Succat Hallel. All of us are also a part of local congregations here in Jerusalem and in Bethlehem. We are working alongside other Arab and Jewish youth leaders from all over Israel.


You can contact us at: info@dorhaba.com


Dor Haba is a ministry that works alongside and hand-in-hand with “Elav” Events. Elav is a young-adult ministry, also out of Succat Hallel, that has been working for years to bring young Jews and Arabs together for corporate worship. The Elav conference is a larger conference that draws together a wider age-range of Jews and Arabs. It provides a place where they can have life-changing encounters with God and with each other.


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