Shiloh Ben-Hod Interview: The Story of an Israeli Worshipper


Our new Hebrew-Arabic worship recording, “The Voice of One Calling”, is a gathering. Jews and Arabs living in Israel came together to worship Him.

Shiloh Ben-Hod is an Israeli worship leader whom God has raised up to serve in full-time ministry with Succat Hallel. Today he shares with us the story and meaning of his song “Dor Dorshav” (His Generation) from the album. This song was taken from Psalm 24:3-6. It’s a beautiful, accurate picture of what God is doing now in young hearts across Israel.

The interview is in Hebrew with subtitles.

Our previous interviews with Rick Ridings and Tal Bethany Rosenfeld are also still available.

“The Voice of One Calling” is now available for purchase and download here.

4 thoughts on “Shiloh Ben-Hod Interview: The Story of an Israeli Worshipper”

  1. Thanks Shiloh, Yonatan… This message of unity has been burning in me from the Spirit. What you are doing is incredibly vital for his kingdom, and his return. Keep ascending, keep proclaiming, keep multiplying yourselves.

    Shalom from Egypt,

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