Quotes from Applications 2017

Here are a few quotes from Jewish and Arab teenagers on why they want to come the the Dor Haba Camp this year. This is what they said on their application forms:


“I was there last year and it was powerful and I learned so much more than I knew before the camp. I love the people there. A lot of my friends go and I love experiencing Gods presence along side them… it really changed my life.” – 14 year old boy from Jerusalem


“I went to dor haba last year and I really really want to come again because I enjoyed my time there and there was such a unique blessing and I want to have more of that .. and I also want to get more lessons in playing and have a great worship time” -16 yr. old boy from Nazereth


“I was already there and I was really blessed.” -17 year old boy from Jerusalem


“I attended last year and it was an amazing experience. I would love to come this year to reconnect with my Jewish and Arab brothers and sisters. And get to encounter Jesus on an even deeper level. I’d love to receive a fresh touch from God but I would also love for Him to begin to release me more into all that He has for me in worship” – 17 yr old girl from Nazereth

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