Worship Camp 2016

The Dor Haba Camp is a worship training camp that takes place every summer. 

The heart of the camp is to see each young person grow in a lifestyle of prayer and worship. We want to encourage them to press in, in intercession, for what God is doing today in the earth. And for the great harvest which is yet to come! 

International musicians and worship leaders join together with local teachers and musicians to train the youth on various instruments, voice and prayer-leading.  Each person at the camp participates on a worship team. Each team prepares worship together and leads part of the worship for the final youth worship and intercession night. 

There are workshops in the afternoons on topics like teamwork, spontaneous singing, different styles of music in worship, Middle eastern music, song writing, music recording, sound, and video, how to lead a scripture-based prayer meeting with worship and how to use music to study God’s word ("read it, pray it, sing it!").

There is also an open mic night at the camp where anyone can share a special song, or even a song they wrote. Our goal is to encourage them to use their gifts and talents to glorify God and to be a light in the culture around them. And all this happens together with their Arab or Jewish brothers and sisters, as they learn more about each other and how to press in to God's purposes together.

This year's camp will take place, God willing, June 26-30, 2017, in Jerusalem.

Here are some pictures and testimonies from last year’s camp, Dor Haba 2016:

(scroll down for testimonies)

A 16 yr. old girl shared that before she came to the camp it was hard for her to read her Bible or to enter into worship. But at the camp after one of the leaders prayed for her something broke through in her heart and since she came home from the camp she can't put her bible down.

Another 15 yr. old girl said she got so blessed at the camp and God really ministered to her heart especially as people prayed over her and gave her prophetic words. She said it was such a special camp and she feels in her heart it's the start of something new happening among young people in the body of messiah in Israel.

An 16 yr old from Gaza said at the camp it is the first time that he felt love from Jewish believers and was the first time he could truly love them and know them as brothers. He had come to the camp afraid they would look down on him or be suspicious of him, but he found just the opposite and became good friends with them.

A 20 yr old Arab believer shared that "I knew Jesus as my best friend , lover, Lord and savior, but I still didn't grasp the full knowledge of the true love of my Father.  During this process, the Lord truly revealed to me his kindness through the character of the Father. I felt waves of kindness & love hitting me while I was on my knees (in worship). With these waves he took away all the judgment and shame caused by man and deliverance took place. By the end of the last day I could see myself more confident of my identity in him. I can truly proclaim that He's a Good Good Father!!!"

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