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We, here at Succat Hallel (24/7 House of Prayer in Jerusalem) are excited to invite you: young worshippers, Hebrew and Arabic speakers alike – to come take part in…


The “Dor Haba” Worship Camp!

“Dor Haba” = Next Generation


The purpose of this camp is to train, equip and encourage young worshippers: musicians, worship-leaders, singers, songwriters and prayer warriors.  And to enable times of fellowship, worship and teamwork between Jewish and Arab teenagers.

When? June 26-30, 2017, Tuesday-Friday (4 nights)

Where?  Yad HaShmona, Jerusalem.

For who? Youth, ages 13-19 (7th-12th grade), who play an instrument or sing (no matter what level of experience) and who want to learn more about worship and prayer. There will also be classes for youth interested in sound or film/video.

How much? 400nis if you register by May 30th.  The price goes up to 500nis if you register after May 30th.  (scholarships available if needed)

How to register?  Youth who are interested can fill out an application form online by clicking on the link at the top of the page, “REGISTER IN ENGLISH”


Discount ends May 30th!

Registration ends June 15th!

More Information:

There are 15 skilled musicians, music teachers and worship leaders from America coming to serve and teach the youth at this camp. There will also be local Jewish and Arab musicians and worship leaders teaching as well.  We want to help the youth improve on their instrument and/or voice, and experience playing and praying on a worship team.  Our hope is that they would return home with a new passion for God and for worshipping Him.  And that as a result, the congregations and local worship teams would be blessed by this!  We are hoping for a real fun, blessed, time together!

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