Letter from Bethany about the Camp

Hey Everybody,

Thank you so so much for all your prayers for the Dor Haba Worship Camp which took place June 21-24, just a few weeks ago!

There was such a general excitement and anticipation among the 70-some youth who came, as well as among all the leaders who were there serving.  It was the first time, in 13 years, that we were doing this camp again.  

Jewish and Arab teenagers came from all over the country, despite it being at the end of exam time.   Many of the teenagers from Jerusalem would leave for a few hours to do an exam and come back to the camp as soon as they finished it.  Youth came from Tel Aviv area, Haifa, Beer Sheva, Nazereth and even from Bethlehem in the West Bank.

I was so blessed to see breakthrough even on the first night.  I must say, the very first evening of the camp, you could feel the tension in the air between the Jewish and Arab youth and maybe also tension simply because a lot of the youth didn’t know each other yet. However, after the message (“What Kind of Generation do you want to be?”), it broke out into a very special time of ministry and prayer for each other.  At the end of this time, one Arab girl shared with everyone that at the beginning of the evening, she was resentful that so much of the worship that first evening was in Hebrew. She said she was surprised by the intense negative emotions that surfaced in her heart toward the Jewish youth who were there.  But she said God touched her heart during the worship, broke down this wall of hatred that she didn’t even realise was there and that she feels so free now!   After the ministry time, a joyful time of praise came forth – Jewish and Arab youth were jumping together in praise, praying for each other and some even had their arms over each others’ shoulders.  I thank God for that breakthrough so early in our time together.

The purpose of the camp was to train, equip and encourage young worshippers to make prayer, worship and intercession a part of their daily lives.  We had teachings on living a life of worship, Biblical foundations for night and day prayer, and worshipping/serving God in spirit and in truth.  We had morning music lessons on various instruments and vocals, with the goal of teaching the youth how to use their gifts and talents for God, how to be led by the spirit, how to flow in unity on a worship team…etc.  Some of the afternoon workshop topics were: teamwork, song-writing, recording, incorporating prayer and scripture into worship times, middle eastern sounds in worship, finding healing in the presence of God and gazing on the beauty of Yeshua, being a servant/leader as you worship lead, and more.

There was an amazing team from the U.S. who came to help, serve, teach lessons and workshops and lead some worship, as well as many local youth leaders from Succat Hallel.

Most of the worship times, however, were led by the youth themselves.  On the 3rd day we split all the youth, even the beginners, into 11 worship teams.  They all led a time of worship and prayer, some in Hebrew and some in Arabic.  It was so beautiful to see the Jewish youth supporting and encouraging the Arab youth and vice versa as well as older youth (18, 19 yr olds) encouraging and supporting younger youth (as young as 12 and 13 yr. olds).  

The last evening, we had a time of intercession and worship to pray for unity in the body and unity among Jew and Arab as well as for salvation of muslims and jews in the middle east.

I was blessed to see how the youth who came really “got it.”  They understood that God wants us to partner with him in praying for this world and for the salvation of our generation.  They understood that God is happy when his children worship Him in love and in unity.  The youth who came were really hungry and God simply met with them in such a beautiful way!

The last morning, the Palestinian youth from Bethlehem prayed over the Arab Israeli youth from Nazereth and vice versa.  This was very significant.  And then the Jewish youth prayed blessings over the Arab youth and vice versa.  There were some prophetic words given about new songs in Hebrew and in Arabic coming forth.  Many of the youth said afterward that they feel this is the start of something new in Israel and among youth.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership in this endeavor.  It was really only by His grace and provision that it was able to come together at all and so quickly, despite the challenges.  There are a lot of ideas on how the camp can develop and grow in the future.  All the leaders and the youth are looking with anticipation toward next year!

Love in Him,

Bethany Rosenfeld

Here are some Testimonies we received from youth after the camp:

(including my own at the end)

A 16 yr. old Jewish Israeli girl shared that before she came to the camp it was hard for her to read her Bible or to enter into worship. But at the camp after one of the leaders prayed for her something broke through in her heart and since she came home from the camp she can’t put her bible down.

Another 15 yr. old Jewish girl said she got so blessed at the camp and God really ministered to her heart especially as people prayed over her and gave her prophetic words. She said it was such a special camp and she feels in her heart it’s the start of something new happening among young people in the body of messiah in Israel.

An 16 yr old Arab guy from Gaza said at the camp it is the first time that he felt love from Jewish believers and was the first time he could truly love them and know them as brothers. He had come to the camp afraid they would look down on him or be suspicious of him, but he found just the opposite and became good friends with them.

A 13 year old Israeli boy said he received a deeper revelation of God’s forgiveness as the Ihop team lead worship with the song “King of my Heart”

A 20 yr old Arab guy shared that “I knew Jesus as my best friend , lover, Lord and savior, but I still didn’t grasp the full knowledge of the true love of my Father.  During this process, the Lord truly revealed to me his kindness through the character of the Father. I felt waves of kindness & love hitting me while I was on my knees (in worship). With these waves he took away all the judgment and shame caused by man and deliverance took place. By the end of the last day I could see myself more confident of my identity in him. I can truly proclaim that He’s a Good Good Father!!!”

Another testimony came from the grandmother of a 15 yr. old boy who wore a kippah at the camp.  She came to me in tears at the end of the camp, saying he had been raised in the synagogue, and had never had any experience of anything messianic.  His parents allowed him to come, and the grandmother said the camp was far beyond what she had hoped – that he had been deeply touched in the worship  and teaching times, had a real encounter with Yeshua, and had made some friendships that he was thrilled about. 

Bethany speaking: 

For me personally, it was all worth it when I saw 4 teenagers from the camp show up at Succat Hallel, Bibles in hand, on the Wednesday morning following the camp.  Two of them took the bus from Netanya, one from Binyamina and one from Bethlehem.  They just spent the whole day there worshipping and praying, reading the word and hanging out together.  The following day, 8 more came to a worship and intercession time, also from places outside of Jerusalem, and sat in a circle on the floor, Bibles open, just praying for salvations in Israel.  On the whatsapp group for the camp, a 16-year old guy invited the other youth to a meeting about getting prayer groups going in different schools to pray for the next school year.  I’m excited and hoping to see continued fruit from these special days we and the youth spent together in the Lord.

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