Announcing: The Dor Haba Worship Camp!

We are in planning stages for a national youth worship training camp called the Dor Haba Worship Camp. It will be in Hebrew and Arabic. We are inviting young, budding musicians, singers, worship leaders, song-writers, sound engineers and prayer warriors from all over the country for a 4-day camp in Jerusalem. It will be held on the 21st-24th of June.

Registration info (in English, Hebrew, and Arabic) for the camp can be found here.

It’s exciting as this is the first Dor Haba national event (hosted and sponsored by Succat Hallel). There are youth coming from Haifa, Netanya, Nazereth, Bethlehem, Beer Sheva, Jerusalem and more!  

17 musicians from IHOP Kansas City are coming to volunteer. They will be teaching group lessons on various instruments and at different levels. We’ve also invited local messianic musicians and leaders to come and teach workshops on teamwork, indigenous middle eastern styles in worship, how to lead intercession with worship, how to grow in spontaneous worship, songwriting and more.  

I’ll be teaching on “What kind of generation do you want to be?” It will be an encouragement to be a generation of worship, prayer, humility and obedience who seek God’s face. And to press into partnership with Him (His Holy Spirit) in what He wants to do in this region and in these days.

Our desire is to encourage these teenagers to become people of worship and intercession in their daily lives!

Prayer Points:

  • Pray that just the right youth will come to this camp. Space is limited and it’s filling up quickly. 

  • Please pray for me as I’m administrating this camp and teaching the first evening.

  • Pray for unity among all the youth and young adult leaders who are there and for an encounter with God.

  • I would also appreciate your prayers for our family of 10, as I prepare for this camp. Pray for grace and strength and protection for Adam, myself and our 8 small children.

  • Pray also for the logistics to go smoothly, as it involves three languages, translation, a large amount of equipment and instrument setup, etc.

  • And pray for God’s anointing to be upon us – the administrators, the IHOP musicians/volunteers, and the local young adult leaders – as we serve the youth of Israel and the Lord in this way.

Registration info (in English, Hebrew, and Arabic) for the camp can be found here.

Thank you for partnering with us – and for releasing us in prayer and finances – to do what He has called us to do!  We appreciate you.

Much love,


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