Two Breakthrough Testimonies From Last Month

Hey guys,

I want to share two things with you about last month. If you’re praying, please keep it up because we are seeing breakthrough! It’s encouraging:

A New Young Believer is Growing

You may remember “C”, the 10-year-old Israeli girl from my daughter’s public school. She recently received the Lord and read the New Testament in 3 days(!).

She is so hungry and has so many questions. And we decided to meet every Tuesday for an hour before the watch (her idea!) for Bible study and discipleship. She told me for the first Bible study she’d like to know what Yeshua says about the Ten Commandments. So that’s where we started, in Matthew 5:17-48 and 22:34-40. We had a wonderful discussion and prayer time together (C, myself and my daughter Keira). C just ate the scriptures up, asking good questions and giving surprising Holy-Spirit insight. We also prayed for her family. Her mom is surprisingly open to this.

And then we headed over to Succat Hallel to meet the other 10-14-year-olds for worship and prayer. They are doing two and a half hours now every week of prayer and worship. It was beautiful to see, at one point, three of the preteen boys by the window with their hands raised out over Jerusalem, praying for their city. I’m moved to tears just about every week. One of the kids came up to me after the watch and said, “Hey, maybe we can do four hours on the Tuesdays during our Passover school break!” I’m super-blessed by their enthusiasm and willingness. It makes me think of Psalm 110:3: 

Your troops will be willing on your day of battle.  Arrayed in holy splendor, your young men will come to you like dew from the morning’s womb.

Breakthrough for a Young Boy

The following day, I met with 7-9-year-olds at Succat Hallel for an hour of prayer and worship. A new boy was there. He is an Israeli believer who is struggling with his faith due to a difficult family situation and a bad group of friends at school. I wasn’t sure how he would be at the watch. Honestly, I was concerned he would be disruptive and distract the other kids. To my pleasant surprise, he gradually became more and more cooperative and even active in the watch. He prayed into the mic when we were thanking God for different things and played the darbuka drum during the worship.

We spent the second part of the watch on prophetic prayer for each other and listening to God’s voice. We split up into two groups (Hebrew and English). A 7 year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl received visions and words from the Lord for this boy and he seemed deeply touched, even choked up. He also laid hands on other kids, prayed and gave them some words of encouragement. It was so beautiful to see.

Please keep these two worship times and these precious young ones here in Israel in your prayers! They are believing God for salvations, healings and change in their communities, city and country.

Thank you so much for your prayers for our family, our health, our protection, and provision.

Much love,


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