February 2016 Update: The Final Lap

We are in an exciting season right now. We are in the last lap of the up-and-coming recording we’ve been laboring over for the past few years, the mixing stage. It is a beautiful expression of unity and indigenous worship in Hebrew and Arabic. It’s a mixture of new songs, intercession and scripture with a focus on unity and calling for Yeshua’s return. I can’t wait for you all to hear what we have been working on! I feel like I’ve been pregnant for a long time and I’m now in the third trimester – only this time it’s a spiritual baby!

Here’s how you can pray:

  • Please pray for us as we work on the final editing and exporting of the songs.
  • Please pray that the mixing and mastering process goes well. That these recordings and new songs will be a blessing to many here in Israel and elsewhere.
  • Please pray for grace for me (Bethany) as I do the tedious editing and exporting work. And for wisdom as I make post-production decisions here at the end.

Fresh Vision

We are also in a season of fresh vision and burden for younger youth and children here in Israel. The “Dor Haba” (Coming Generation) worship watch, for 10-14 yr. olds, is growing. It’s beautiful to see these young people lead others weekly in 2 hours of worship, intercession and reading the word. It really blesses me each week!
Here’s how you can pray:

  • Please pray they will grow in humility and leadership,
  • …and that they will stay hungry for Him, His presence and His truth!

The children’s Dor Haba watch, for 5-9 yr. olds, is also happening every week in the prayer room. The children have been praying for healing in the body and they are getting visions almost every week as they listen to God’s voice. It’s precious to hear them pray, read scriptures and worship at the top of their lungs. They also enjoy blowing the shofar once they have reached a certain point of breakthrough in prayer. It’s time we take kids seriously as our fellow partners with God in prayer!

My heart is to see these Israeli children and youth who are called to worship and intercession to develop and grow in their calling. I long to see God use them to impact Israel and to go out from here to minister in the Middle East and other nations as well.

Upcoming Worship Camp

I have started working together with Succat Hallel on a Dor Haba Worship Training Camp scheduled for the beginning of the summer. Local and international worship leaders will teach the young Israelis attending, both Jewish and Arab. It will be for those with a call to be full-time worshippers and intercessors, and those who want to serve their congregations in the area of worship. This is exciting for Adam and I, as we organized four of these camps in the past (about 12 years ago) in which we saw a good number of youth even receive the Lord.

How You Can Help

Thank you all for your faithful prayers and support! And now I’d like to make a call for action because in all honesty we need more people on our team, in relationship with us. We need your support for us financially and in prayer to continue in all He has us doing.

If you know anyone who has a heart to reach the people we are reaching, please put them in touch with me by clicking here.

Also, we live mostly on your financial support, and it is not yet enough to cover our monthly expenses. If you would like to help support my ministry work (and our family), please click here to make a monthly or one-time donation.

Our Family

On a last note, our family is doing well, by God’s grace.

Yoshi, our eldest, 12, is leading worship at the Dor Haba watch. He enjoys playing football (soccer) with his friends at the local messianic school in Jerusalem.

Keira, 10, shared the Lord with five of her friends from the public school she was at and two of them received the Lord. One of the girls, after receiving the Lord, read through the New Testament in three days! She told me in Hebrew “I read the whole book and I love the end!” Her mom is allowing her to come with us to Succat Hallel!

Shir, Ariel and Kody (9, 9, and 7) are doing well in public school, also reaching out to their friends. They are full of life and energy and loud vocal chords, which they’ve been putting to use at the younger Dor Haba watch.

Shalev (5) and Zoe (3) are growing and playing a lot. Shalev is our star-helper in picking up the house and Zoe loves helping me cook.

Raphael our youngest (aka Stinky Joe), 1.7 yrs old, is talking more and cracking us up with his mischievous smile, curly fro and crazy dance moves.

Thank you for loving us and encouraging us!

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