December 2015 Update: What You Don’t Read About Israel in the News

Our world is changing quickly. The attacks that happened in Paris were sobering. We are witnessing a worldwide increase in terrorism from groups like ISIS. The truth is, I don’t believe things are going to get better or more peaceful. I believe they are only going to get crazier. The Bible says that unrighteousness will grow alongside righteousness. And that is what we are seeing on the earth.

At first glance, the picture can look bleak. Especially when you live in a country surrounded by people that hate you. But yet, I am seeing a different story than what you see in the news. I am seeing a story of a young generation in Israel, a devoted few, who are quietly (sometimes loudly!) seeking God in worship and prayer. I see young ones who desire holiness. Young ones who are believing God for His purposes and His salvation on this earth.

If You Build It, They Will Come

I have been so blessed to see more and more kids and teenagers who want to be in the house of prayer. They are worshiping God and praying for world-wide issues. And this is something that has been happening organically. The Dor Haba “worship watch” has grown to 20 local kids and younger teenagers coming every week. They are playing their instruments and leading others in times of worship and prayer.

Every week, I split them into two teams. There is a rotation of tasks during those two hours. Those being leading songs, playing an instrument, leading prayer, reading scriptures, etc. We have been having some special and anointed times together. And a lot of fun also!

It is beautiful to see them grow so much spiritually at such a young age. It is also beautiful to see that they just want to be there! They are simply hungry for Him. It’s something God, not man, is doing in them. Please pray for them, that God will protect them and guard what He is doing in their hearts.
This spontaneous chorus of worship came right after an intense time of prayer for healing in Israel. The kids had especially been praying for healing for the drummer’s dad who was just diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer. They began singing in Hebrew, ”You are good and faithful! The One who hears prayers and brings them to pass/to being.”

Called at a Younger Age

Adam and I have always had a mandate from God to encourage and build up youth in Israel. Yet, recently, He keeps drawing us to children also and to His purposes for them. God seems to be calling young ones to live radical lives of prayer at an earlier age than in previous generations. He is calling them at a young age to press deep into His purposes through worship and prayer.

A few weeks ago, I began meeting with younger children also who have a desire to worship and pray (2nd-4th graders). We meet one hour before the Dor Haba (5th-8th graders) worship time. Please pray God helps me impart His heart to them. And pray they will grow in Him during these weekly times of worship.

What is God Up To?

A few days ago, I invited a group of kids (half of them mine) to sing on the recording I have been working on. They sang the final chorus on a new Hebrew worship song (Dor Dorshav, written by Shiloh Ben-Hod). This song will soon be released on the upcoming Voice of One Calling Hebrew-Arabic worship album. This album is mainly comprised of new, original and indigenous songs.

At the end of this particular song, the children sang the following in Hebrew: “We are the the generation that seeks your face, oh God of Jacob. The generation who sings to You, ‘all the honor, all the glory!'” I believe this is a prophetic chorus. It tells of what God is going to do (and has already begun) here in this land, with these kids and others as well.

So, let’s pray and believe God together for this:

For an awakening among believers,
young ones especially,
who will stand in the gap,
and cry out to God,
for a massive repentance,
and turning to God,
here in Israel and in the world!

If you are like us or those we hang out with, you have been praying this for years. But let’s press in and not grow weary of praying, because it is going to happen. It is not only possible with God but also prophesied all throughout His word. It is something we may well see with our own eyes in these coming years! But we need to respond to His promises and pray it through.

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