A Quick Testimony

I just want to share something with you real quick.

You know those moments where something so special and precious is going on, you want to capture it to remember it forever? You want to show others to encourage them. But you can’t capture it, so you just take it in as much as you can, grateful you get to be there and see it in person. I had one of those this past week. Big time.

Last Tuesday, about 17 younger youth (ages 10-14), gathered at Succat Hallel for their weekly 2-hour Dor Haba worship time. Also there was a secular Israeli girl (10) who just received the Lord and read the whole New Testament in 3 days!

Before they started, they asked me if this time they could just sit in a circle and worship with one acoustic guitar. (This was instead of a whole team playing on the sound system). I said of course – go for it! So there they sat, worshipping, praying a prayer here, reading a scripture there. A lot of the prayers were focused on thankfulness for what Yeshua has done for them and for Israel’s salvation. They also spent long moments just listening to the Lord. I sat in the background pretty amazed at how quiet, sincere and focused they all were.

In prayer they began asking for more love and more of the Holy Spirit. One of them suggested they break off into two’s or three’s to pray for each other. The boy leading the worship handed the acoustic guitar off to me so he could also go pray with a couple others. I just played quietly in the background as they began laying their hands on each other. Some were kneeling, some standing, some sitting, but they were all under the power of the Holy Spirit. They prayed intently and sincerely and God just started moving among them. Many started crying. It seemed God was doing a deep healing and empowering work in their hearts. It was so beautiful and touching to see these young people so desiring God and praying for each other! And on their own initiative. It went on like this for 2 hours!!

It came time for them to leave and the parents came to pick them up. Different ones just ran up and hugged me and kept saying, “thank you, thank you so much that we can be here and pray…!” I thought it was funny because I had done nothing but be there! But maybe that’s why they were thanking me, that I just stood back and let them be spontaneous and let God do His thing. Almost each one of them had blood-shot eyes from the crying and huge smiles on their faces.

I just felt so privileged to be there and see such young people in Israel seek the Lord together like that. Who knows what God is preparing these ones for in the future?

Please pray that the seeds planted will bear much fruit! And that God will protect and guard what He is doing in their hearts. And that their passion and love for God and His purposes in the earth will spread in their generation!

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